The Worst

About us

We are a compact Oslo-based creative agency focusing on experience design and value creation. Our activities are centred around co-creation that can accelerate changes in sustainable development and culture. 

In more layman terms; We want to work with cool projects and with people that have a vision with a purpose.

Need a new visual identity for your start-up? Thats what we do. Fast, smooth and beautiful.

Need a new website? We gotcha. 

Building a new space and need some help with the experience design? Thats our expertise.

Need to design some new plastic polymers that is more flexible and sturdier than existing plastic polymers? Sorry, we can't help with that :(

It is hard to define what we do, but if you like what you see on our website and want to discuss anything regarding your business, brand or idea just get in touch. We are flexible and love a good challenge.