The Worst


We met this dude at Stockholm Design Fair called Jone Myking that had made some really cool chairs. We have since helped him create a brand around his product. Together we developed a visual profile, website, communication and brand strategy. We also suggested him to make it open source. It is now available on the site under creative commons so that anyone can download and build it for personal use. Lastly we hired the talented photographer Mikal Strøm (<3) to come and take some beautiful pictures of the Sit stackable chair in our old office. 

Read more and buy them(or download them) here:



You might not be able to download a car yet, but a chair is a step in the right direction at least.

This chair is open source under creative commons and is free to download and reproduce for personal use. You still have to build it yourself (and it is kind of hard), but hey we can't do everything for you. Oh, wait, we can. You can buy it pre-cut and assembled from us. It is expensive, but the chairs are assembled by hand and finished in Norway from the finest Norwegian sitka spruce. And by buying it you support our work, coming up with more exciting designs.


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